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Ardeene Swain

Here's What People Are Saying About Ardeene Swain...

"Ardeene tranformed our home from A FIXER (in Rockridge) to a beautiful cottage. Because of Ardeene our home sold $65,000 over asking with an all cash offer closing in 7 days. Ardeene transformed our house by using venders to paint, clean, polish floors, etc. Ardeene knows what it takes to get the most money possible for a home. We were offered approximately $175,000. less before we fixed it up for sale. Please know that Ardeene can transform your house just as she did ours. Ask her to show you pictures."

Donald & Josephine Lassen

"You just would not believe what Ardeene did to my Aunt & Uncles home. She took this Ugly duckling and created a Swan. This home went from a major fixer to a place that had every room looking like a model. This was a home built in 1910 with all the Charm and Beauty. It had beautiful boxed beam ceilings etc. Ardeene's choice of colors and staging brought us more money than we ever dreamed possible. Ardeene was aware that this house had to sell for the most money possible to provide for my Aunt and Uncles Care in the future. This home was their life savings.

I cannot say enough about Ardeene. You can be assured she will exceed your expectations. She handled every detail and brought us the most money possible. Ask Ardeene for my telephone number and I will tell you in person."

Gary Pacini

"Ardeene took a very personal interest in our sale and followed up on every detail throughout the transaction-even after the sale was completed. Since we were absentee owners, we had dreaded the prospect of the sale procedure, but Ardeene handled it very professionally. She saved us alot of money on our kitchen floor by getting someone to repair rather than replace. She spent our money as if it were here own, always looking to keep costs as low as possible. We would not hesitate to recommend her very highly to others."

Mr. & Mrs. A. Errichetti

"The day that Ms. Swain and I met to list my property I can honestly say I felt very confident that I had made the right decision in contacting her. My house not only sold 4 days after I listed it with her but it sold above the price we were asking. No one could ask for anything better than that. I highly commend Ms. Swain for a job more than well done and you can be sure that I will recommend her every chance I get."

George Beaulieu

"It took only nine days after putting the house on the market until Ardeene successfully sold it. She was helpful and suggestive throughout the entire process. Ardeene went above and beyond the call of duty, aiding me in cleaning up the house by recommending various vendors, all the while working in my best interest. Her service was excellent; her demeanor, honest and caring. I will not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Ardeene Swain."

Yiu Wah Wong

"When we listed our home with Ardeene we had 8 offers and within 2 weeks it sold over asking price. Ardeene took her time and explained what each offer had and how that would affect us both in time and money. If anyone is thinking of selling their home or buying a home, we would highly recommend Ardeene for the job. We are not just saying this, we recommended her to my sister and brother-in-law who bought a home through her."

Mr. & Mrs. J. Cuevas


Ardeene sold my studio condo in a market where the News said sellers should not sell unless they really needed to. I needed to sell my son's condo as he was moving closer to me. It needed a lot of work to get it looking salable. Ardeene offered advise and got contractors to do painting, carpeting, counter replacement, new tub and tile in bath. With her advice and staging it we sold in less than 5 days. The longest part was working on it to get it ready for sale and then the time to close escrow. We closed just at the end of month. There were times when I had my doubts, and was worried we would be on the market a long time. Because I followed ARDEENE"S advice it sold very quickly. She really knows what it takes to get a home sold fast. I was against staging, but it actually made the place look bigger.

Barbara Anthony